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    Bơm định lượng Optima 10l/h – 5 bar Astralpool 57133

    Bơm định lượng Optima 10l/h – 5 bar Astralpool 57133

    Mã sản phẩm :

    Mã: 57133
    Xuất xứ: Tây Ban Nha

    giá : 7.909.000 ₫

    • Thông tin chi tiết
    • Video

    Type C. Manually adjustable 5 bar and 10 l/h

    Optima membrane dosing pump

    The Optima series, featuring all-new power supply technology available from 90 V ac up to 265 V ac and 50-60Hz, guarantees unprecedented dosing precision and adaptability.

    Many more functions are now integrated, thanks to the ease of programming, the alpha-numeric display, the multi-language menu programming options and the new technology which allows pool owners to fully control the flow rate and counter-pressure levels, permitting solutions to a wide range of dosing requirements with a single pump, without the need to sacrifice dosing accuracy.

    The analog dosing pumps of the OPTIMA series only require electrical power supply. The flow rate can be set as a percentage using the potentiometer under the front panel, which modifies the pump’s operation frequency.

    Double control scale: OPTIMA analog dosing pumps can divide the maximum dosing frequency by 5. This double scale allows the user to emply two pumps with a single model. The selector under the front panel provides easy changeover.

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