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    Van Đa Cửa 2″ Astralpool 07444

    Van Đa Cửa 2″ Astralpool 07444

    Mã sản phẩm :

    Mã: 07444
    Xuất xứ: Tây Ban Nha

    giá : 3.365.000 ₫

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    With filter connections

    Manual multiport valves with six channels to carry out different functions in an hydraulic circuit. Its design, basically functional, offers a wide range of possibilities of connection to any installation, assuring perfect water-tightness and comfortable handling.

    Minimum friction and effort, maximum safety and an attractive finish were decisive factors when choosing the materials which best adapt to the needs of each of the features.


    · Body, cover and handle in injection-moulded ABS. Distributor in PPO. Gaskets in EPDM and metallic elements in Stainless Steel.

    · Sight glass in Polycarbonate.

    · Easy installation.

    · Available in BSP or NPT threads.

    · With connection to filter.

    · Maximum working pressure: 3,5 kg/cm2

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